Greta and Me – Part 2


In July of 1990, I flew my Cessna 172 from Maryland to Williamson, West Virginia and spent the weekend with my mother. A DC grand jury had been investigating me for over a year at that point. Greta phoned on Sunday, and said that the grand jury had indicted me, but she wasn’t privy to the charges, because it was a sealed indictment, designed to safeguard against indicted suspects fleeing the law. I certainly wasn’t a flight risk, nor had I given the government indications that I was a flight risk, so I was puzzled by the sealed indictments.

Greta directed me to rendezvous with her at her office the following day. My mother and I We were extremely anxious about the unspecified charges that were looming over me in D.C., and our five-hour drive was marked by a stifling silence. Greta greeted us at her office, and she phoned either Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan Strasser or the Secret Service. She offered to deliver me to the courthouse, but her offer was vetoed, and within 20 minutes four Secret Service agents were standing in Greta’s office.

The Secret Service agents were quite hostile to me when they arrived at Greta’s office, and I felt like they looked upon me as a treasonous enemy of the state. One of the Secret Service agents flashed a pair of handcuffs, and Greta requested that he cuff me from the front. The agent, however, ignored Greta’s request and cuffed me behind my back. The agents then escorted me to black sedan, and pushed me into the back seat. Two agents sat in the front seat of the car that transported me, and two agents followed us in a second black sedan. As we drove past the White House, Capitol Hill, and DuPont Circle, I experienced a very peculiar sensation. I felt like the Secret Service sedan was suspended in time, and I momentarily had an out-of-body experience as I came to the realization that my life would be forever transfigured.