Political Blackmail

Intelligence agents know all about political blackmail, which has been used by kingdoms, empires, syndicates, and unscrupulous groups since time immemorial. Indeed, throughout World War II and the Cold War, intelligence agents carefully watched for hints of subordination among their peers, because it was a tell-tale sign that they had been blackmailed. The CIA and State Department never knowingly hired homosexuals due to their susceptibility to blackmail.

Unfortunately, I ended up providing escorts to a CIA asset named Craig Spence who was a preeminent blackmail artist. His upscale DC home was fitted with state-of-the-art blackmail equipment that he used to blackmail our country’s elite. Spence told me that he was blackmailing the rich and powerful for the CIA, and he told newspaper reporters that “friendly” intelligence agents had installed the blackmail equipment that was scattered throughout his home. Spence had the ability to pull off mindboggling feats, and he was unscathed by law enforcement as he engaged in a myriad of illicit enterprises. And subsequent events would confirm that individuals at the pinnacle of power in the government protected him.

Blackmail is invariably practiced in the shadows, and the American people are oblivious to blackmail subverting their political system. The principle reason for Americans obliviousness to blackmail is that blackmailers and their blackmail targets never divulge such crimes. Blackmailers would be subjected to criminal prosecution and their blackmail targets would be subjected to either prosecution and/or persecution for the conduct that led them to be blackmailed in the first place. So political blackmail is almost never made public, and if it becomes public, then it occurs years after the fact.

Edgar Hoover is a prime example. He blackmailed people for decades, and his blackmailing only emerged years after his death. Hoover’s FBI recorded Martin Luther King having extramarital affairs, and it sent the recordings to King in an effort to blackmail him into committing suicide. Moreover, according to John F. Kennedy’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, Hoover had the dirt on Kennedy’s extramarital affairs and blackmailed him into accepting Lyndon Johnson as his running mate in 1960. Kennedy didn’t particularly like Johnson, and he planned on tapping Missouri senator Stuart Symington for his vice presidential running mate. Hoover’s purported blackmail of Kennedy changed the course of history.

Ironically, several accounts have since emerged that the Mafia was blackmailing J. Edgar Hoover, because he was a homosexual, which is one of the reasons why Hoover said the Mafia didn’t exist until there was overwhelming evidence of its existence. There’s a precedent for blackmail in relatively recent U.S. history.

Recent government whistleblowers have also discussed the blackmailing of American politicians. Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, has disclosed that the FBI routinely collected information that enables it to blackmail American politicians. NSA whistleblowers Russell Tice and Bill Binney have also disclosed that the NSA has collected information on American politicians that could be used for blackmail.

The media has reported on some information provided by Edmonds, Tice, and Binney. In fact, Tice was one of the sources for the New York Times articles in 2005 that reported on the NSA’s illegal data mining of Americans. However, the mainstream media has refused to report on their allegations regarding the potential blackmailing of American politicians. I provided escorts to various people in the media, so I believe that people in media may have also fallen prey to being compromised by government agencies.

Republican Senator Larry Craig made headlines when he attempted to solicit sex in a public restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and I feel that he is an example of a politician who was most likely compromised. Craig was in Washington, D.C. for nearly 30 year as a U.S. representative and a senator. Given Craig’s status as a conservative Republican, if word of his shadow life leaked out, it would result in political suicide and public disgrace, but his runaway libido compelled him to take mind-boggling risks.

I find it nearly impossible to believe that Craig’s homosexual exploits were unnoticed by the blackmail ring that I provided with escorts, because I provided Craig with escorts too, and the ring was well aware of my patrons. I’m also of the belief that the foremost explanation that can be offered concerning Craig’s brazen exploits with regards to his homosexuality is that he was compromised, and he was mindful that his brazen exploits would be covered up. Perhaps Craig strayed out of his protective net when he attempted to solicit sex in a public restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport?