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Greta and Me Part 5

GRETA AND ME – Part Five

Judge Greene set June 12th as my sentencing date, so I flew back to D.C. on June 11th. My mother met me at D.C.’s Washington National Airport, and we spent the night at Aunt Josephine’s house, who lived just outside of Washington, DC. The next morning, when we arrived at the courthouse, I rendezvoused with Greta who was standing outside the courtroom. She had a distressed look on her face. As I had feared, the government decided to pull a dirty trick at the eleventh hour. Shortly before my sentencing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Strasser filed a memorandum with Judge Greene asserting that I should be sentenced above the guidelines, because I hadn’t screened the escorts I employed for HIV, and thus had perpetrated untold death and misery.

So I was extremely apprehensive as I followed Greta into the courtroom to face Judge Greene. After I expressed contrition for my crimes, Judge Greene launched into a protracted diatribe about the downward departure that had been proposed for my “substantial assistance.”  “Why propose this departure?” Judge Greene asked. “I can’t recall a single case in which the government has asked for departure before just because somebody pleaded guilty and got others to plead . . . I don’t think it’s warranted. . .”

My sentencing had suddenly taken on the surreal proportions of a horrific nightmare, and Judge Greene had yet to address Strasser’s memorandum about Henry Vinson being the progenitor of the HIV virus in Washington, D.C. Judge Greene asked Strasser if he were aware of anyone who had contracted HIV from an escort whom I employed, and Strasser couldn’t mention a single individual, which demonstrated that his memorandum to Judge Greene had been unfounded. Judge Greene then sentenced me to 63 months in a federal prison, and he ruled that I be immediately remanded into custody. As the U.S. marshals escorted me out of the courtroom, my mother was weeping, and Aunt Josephine was comforting her.

With Greta as my attorney, the government accomplished all of its objectives. I didn’t utter a word to the media about the mindboggling, illicit malfeasance I had witnessed, so the government saved itself from a scandal of epic proportions. Judge Greene also gave me the consolation prize of 63 months in a federal prison.

I find rather interesting that the some of the individuals who played an instrumental role in either ensuring or abetting my silence, especially Greta Greta and Jay Stephens, the U.S. Attorney for the District of DC, have experienced remarkable upward mobility. Greta has experienced a sharp upwardly mobile trajectory since I was initially imprisoned. Shortly after Judge Harold Greene banished me to federal prison, Van Susteren started co-hosting CNN’s Burden of Proof, and then she hosted CNN’s The Point with Greta Van Susteren. Greta made her vaunted leap to FOX in 2002, where she’s been transformed into a media superstar, hosting On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. I’m slightly perplexed that FOX, a news outlet that caters to religious and conservative Americans, would elevate a Scientologist to its pantheon of superstars.

U.S. Attorney Jay Stephens, whose office oversaw the corrupt grand jury that walloped me with a potential sentence of 295 years, was appointed United States Associate Attorney General by President George W. Bush in 2001. But Associate Attorney General proved to be a two-year pit stop for Stephens, because in 2002 he became a vice president of the Raytheon Corporation, the world’s fifth largest defense contractor, and also the world’s leading producer of guided missiles.

Greta and Me Part 4

GRETA AND ME – Part Four

Greta made her vaunted move in the middle of August 1990 by filing an 11-page motion that would force the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office to release the names of my clientele, which had been seized by the Secret Service via search warrants, but Strasser stonewalled her motion. He refused to release my client lists, because “he fears intimidation of government witnesses due to the embarrassing nature of the case.” The government had been the primary intimidator of my clientele, so I found Strasser’s rationale for quashing Greta’s motion to be extremely ironic. If the government was unwilling to release the names of my clientele, Greta put forth an alternative motion that would prohibit prosecutors from entering the seized items into evidence for the trial.

In early October, Judge Greene ruled on Greta’s motions. He released the documentation to Greta, but he banned its public disclosure. After the ruling, Greta started to undergo a metamorphosis. She eventually advised me to start cooperating with the government. I found her change in strategy to be perplexing. I’ve since wondered if Greta’s maneuver to publicly expose my clientele had been her one-trick pony or if she had sub rosa motivations. By that time, however, I was utterly spent because of the government’s terrorizing of my family and me, and I obsequiously complied with her counsel. If she had recommended that I jump off the Empire State Building, I would’ve booked the next flight to New York and taken the leap.

I ultimately pled guilty to conspiring to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and credit card fraud, and I agreed to “cooperate” with the government. Although those two counts carried a maximum aggregate sentence of 25 years, Greta assured me that my cooperation would result in a “downward departure” from the sentencing guidelines and probation was the likely outcome.

My cooperation entailed a series of debriefings in December of 1990 at the Secret Service’s D.C. headquarters. Several men sat around a conference table as I was debriefed. I was told that they were affiliated with the D.C. Metro Police, U.S. Postal Service, and the Internal Revenue Service, even though my intuition is that they most likely provided false affiliations. As I reflect on my debriefings in retrospect, I find it astonishing that Greta, acting as my attorney, didn’t accompany me to a single debriefing. At the time, however, I was very naïve, and I was merely following directions to avoid imprisonment.

After my “debriefings,” I met with Greta approximately once a week. Our discussions gradually began to transcend my legal predicament, and we started to talk about various aspects of our personal lives. Greta eventually told me that she was a Scientologist. I had never met a Scientologist before, so I was both surprised and intrigued by her disclosures about Scientology. At Greta’s behest, I found myself on an Oklahoma-bound flight to Scientology’s Narconon rehab in early 1991. Scientology’s Narconon rehab was located near Newkirk, Oklahoma. Although I’ve never suffered from chemically dependency, I had a well-founded distrust of the government’s intent. So I hoped that graduating from Scientology’s Narconon program would demonstrate to Judge Greene that I had made an assiduous effort to turn around my life, and I would receive leniency from him even if the government reneged on its proposed agreement with me.

I was on the plains of Oklahoma for approximately seven months, and Narcanon ultimately turned out to be a Scientology boot camp, which started to thoroughly brain wash me. I’ll admit that my brain needed a little washing, but I liken Scientology to very high-powered bleach. (My sojourn through Scientology will be addressed in a separate blog.)

Greta and Me Part 3

The Secret Service agents drove me to D.C.’s federal courthouse, and they silently ushered me through courthouse. After the Secret Service agents booked me, I was deposited in a holding cell that held around 20 inmates. The altered state that I had experienced in the Secret Service sedan was punctured by the harsh reality of the holding cell. I had been there for a couple of hours when a pair a U.S. marshals retrieved me. The marshals had the same stern demeanor as the Secret Service agents as they escorted me to a courtroom. As I entered, I noticed my mother standing next to an African-American man in his mid-thirties. He was a bail bondsman who Greta had introduced to my mother. The marshals escorted me past my teary-eyed mother to the defense table where Greta stood.

Shortly after I seated myself, Judge Harold Greene strolled into the courtroom. The 67-year-old Greene was short and compact. He had a black comb over, and he wore large brown-framed glasses. When Judge Greene seated himself at the bench, he leafed through my indictment. Judge Greene was quite surprised that the grand jury had walloped me with a 43-count RICO indictment. RICO is an acronym for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and it was originally designed to dismantle the Mafia, because RICO allows for mob bosses to be tried for crimes that were sanctioned on their behalf. Judge Greene may have been surprised by my RICO indictment, but I nearly fainted. I was staring at 295 years in a federal prison!

After Judged Greene voiced his astonishment that a mere prostitution case resulted in a sealed 43-count RICO indictment, Alan Strasser, the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Washington, DC, said something to the effect that my case had special circumstances. Strasser ultimately argued that I should be held without bail, but Greta countered that I wasn’t a flight risk, and I had voluntarily surrendered myself shortly after being notified of the indictment. Judge Greene granted me bail, and I was released on a $30,000 surety bond.

Greta and Me – Part 2


In July of 1990, I flew my Cessna 172 from Maryland to Williamson, West Virginia and spent the weekend with my mother. A DC grand jury had been investigating me for over a year at that point. Greta phoned on Sunday, and said that the grand jury had indicted me, but she wasn’t privy to the charges, because it was a sealed indictment, designed to safeguard against indicted suspects fleeing the law. I certainly wasn’t a flight risk, nor had I given the government indications that I was a flight risk, so I was puzzled by the sealed indictments.

Greta directed me to rendezvous with her at her office the following day. My mother and I We were extremely anxious about the unspecified charges that were looming over me in D.C., and our five-hour drive was marked by a stifling silence. Greta greeted us at her office, and she phoned either Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan Strasser or the Secret Service. She offered to deliver me to the courthouse, but her offer was vetoed, and within 20 minutes four Secret Service agents were standing in Greta’s office.

The Secret Service agents were quite hostile to me when they arrived at Greta’s office, and I felt like they looked upon me as a treasonous enemy of the state. One of the Secret Service agents flashed a pair of handcuffs, and Greta requested that he cuff me from the front. The agent, however, ignored Greta’s request and cuffed me behind my back. The agents then escorted me to black sedan, and pushed me into the back seat. Two agents sat in the front seat of the car that transported me, and two agents followed us in a second black sedan. As we drove past the White House, Capitol Hill, and DuPont Circle, I experienced a very peculiar sensation. I felt like the Secret Service sedan was suspended in time, and I momentarily had an out-of-body experience as I came to the realization that my life would be forever transfigured.

Greta and Me – Part 1

My trusted attorney, Greta Van Susteren, sold me out, but in retrospect, I should have been wary of her, because a Washington Post reporter who interviewed my mother suggested that I retain her as my defense lawyer. And the Washington Post did everything in its considerable power to cover up the true facts of my case and also to assassinate my character.

My initial meeting with Greta, which lasted around three hours, occurred after the Secret Service had raided my home. I furnished her with the nuances of my life over the preceding three years. I explained the DC blackmail operation that ensnared me, and I named several powerful and affluent men who either procured escorts through me or procured them through one of the architects of the blackmail operation. I also edified (enlightened?) her about the pedophile network that was organized by these architects. In addition, I mentioned the threat that had been parsed out to me by a member of George H.W. Bush’s cabinet. I handed her credit card receipts, copies of checks, and lists of my clients too.

Greta never seemed perturbed or shocked by any of my revelations, but took them all in stride very professionally. Greta said that she had previously handled sensitive cases like mine in federal court, and she told me that the government would be averse to baring such sordid details in a court of law—she felt that I would most likely end up with probation. She said that if I were indicted, she would make a motion for the government to release a list of my clients, and that would force the government to be conciliatory towards me. Greta impressed me with her aplomb and also with her quick, snappy answers to my numerous questions, so I left her office feeling a sense of tranquility that I hadn’t experienced in months.