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Trick & Treats of the Famous & Infamous Part 3

CIA Director William Casey and the Boys 

Former CIA Director William Casey was a frequent flyer of my escort service. Casey, like Barney Frank and Donald Gregg, preferred 18-year-old escorts with minimal body hair and a slender swimmer’s physique. Although he requested that I provide him with underage escorts, I told him that I wouldn’t acquiesce to his request.

Casey met with the escorts at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel, when it was near DuPont Circle. After Casey was nude and splayed on a bed, he had the escorts rub oil over his body as he kissed and fondled them. Casey was old and withered, and the escorts found their encounters with him to be rather dysphoric. Casey came to my attention, because he wasn’t able to have an erection, and the escorts that I employed were perplexed by both his elaborate rituals with the oils and his erectile dysfunction.

Casey died of cancer in May of 1987, so, when the Washington Times started to break stories about Spence’s blackmail operation and my escort service, Casey had drifted to the hereafter. Nevertheless, I was worried that his CIA cronies would want to bury his secret dalliances with young men with him—even if that involved burying me.